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PostSubject: Akirei   Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:37 pm

Name: Akirei


Class(wizard,knight,rouge,archer,sorceress or your own): Elementalist(Avatar)

History(optional): Akirei was born the only child of the leader of a clan of elementalists. she grew up learning how to bend the elements earth and wind, her clan's specialty. but at age 6 she showed signs of bending other elements. she heated her food when it got cold and drew water from a river nearby to drink when she was sitting in a tree. her clan saw this and was overjoyed that their princess was special. they were confident that she would be a great leader of the clan someday. they encouraged her to practice her skills and so she became more talented as the years went by. when bending became second-nature to her, she studied medicine. her dream was be the best clan leader she could. her clan continued to support her and were anxious for her bright future.
early the morning of her 13th birthday her clan sent akirei for the traditional survival test. she was sent into the forest for three days. when she came back, she would be schooled on clan affairs and how to rule properly. however, on her last day away her clan was was ambushed from the neighboring village. Apparently a hunter from their village was secretly hunting on clan grounds and saw akirei practicing her fire-bending. the hunter thought this was the perfect thing that would get the clan annialated. he wanted the clan grounds to be part of the village's so he could freely hunt as much as he wished. the hunter told the village leader that the clan was practicing black magic and was going to burn down the village. the village leader took the army and ambushed the clan. it was a vicious battle and both sides suffered heavy casualties but in the end the villagers finally killed the few left of the clan off. at this time Akirei came back. she entered the village just as the villagers were leaving. she took one look around and didn't hesitate to kill all 20 men left.
after everything was over she broke down and cried in the middle of the clan's village. she heard rustling and coughing behind her and saw her dad still moving. she rushed over to him. he scolded her on using her powers wrongly. Akirei promised she will only use her talent to save and only to hurt when necessary. he smiled and gave her the clan leader necklace with the last of life he had. she took it and after much thought, vowed to fight against suffering. her purpose was now to heal. with that, she left the village to start on her mission.
since then she has wandered, studied, and healed for 4 years. she is now 17

Stats: Can only have one 10 and one 9. The rest are 1-8

Strength: 5
Cunning: 9
Accuracy: 5
Combat: 5
Magic: 10
Health: 5
Mana(life energy): 8
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PostSubject: Re: Akirei   Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:38 pm

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