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 Weapon Rewards (strictly for fighting in the war and winning battles)

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PostSubject: Weapon Rewards (strictly for fighting in the war and winning battles)   Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:44 pm

Name:The Burning Summer
Apperance:A long bow that glows too bright to actually see it
1.Can use all fire spells
2.Shoots flaming arrows that burn anything they touch
3.Allows for sheilding against fire

Name:The Cold Winter
Apperance:A blade so cold, it will freeze the user's hand after reapeated use.
1.Can use all ice spells
2.Can freeze anything it touches for 2 posts
3.Can shield against ice

Name:The graceful fall
Apperance:A bow so magificent that its hard to describe
1.Can use all wind spells
2.Arrows can slice through anything if shot hard enough
3.Shields against air/wind

Name:The hopeful spring
Apperance:A sword so graceful, oonly seeing it could describe it
1.Can use all water spells
2.Can summon tidal waves by swinging it
3.Shields against water

These are self-approved and can only be recieved by fighting in the White Knight Vs. Black Knight War.
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Weapon Rewards (strictly for fighting in the war and winning battles)
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