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 the legendary beginning ( closed to all but raikuni )

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doragon shu
high dragon lord/ admin/ dark ruler/ spellcaster
high dragon lord/ admin/ dark ruler/ spellcaster
doragon shu

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PostSubject: the legendary beginning ( closed to all but raikuni )   Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:47 pm

raikuni, dragon master and destened ruler of the world. he walks into a large room in the base of the dragon masters. he received a vision many years ago by the previous living dragon. the dragon spoke slowly and had many a years of wisdom. his voice was deep and aged. he was large, white dragon. armor on his wings and body. his tail was spiked on the end. raikuni relived this vision everyday, until he finally found the hidden base. it wook him years and years. raikuni closed his eyes and relived it again

young dragonlord. i have chosen you to carry out the beginning of the dragon lords once more. you will lead the dragon masters and bring back the order. take your enemies down and find the base. you will nee a legendary sword and legendary armor to find it. when you do the sword and armor will lead you to the final nest of eggs. there are 10 there. the black egg on the pedestol in the back is the one belonging to the high dragonlord. get that egg and you will know the few who have the power to become dragon lords.

raikuni opened his eyes and looked at the eggs. the black egg is on a pedistol to the back of the room, is his destiny. raikuni was wearing the legendary armor (as seen in avatar), and the sword was in his hands. his eyes grew black and he approaced the large black egg in the back of the room. slowly he touched the egg and felt its smoothness. the egg was about half the size of a horse. was smooth and shiny. as he touched it the egg moved slightly. a large crack began to form along the top of the egg. it forms sloly and a rumbling is heard. something screeches from inside the eggs. the top of the egg is completely cracked and it bursts open.

a black dragon bursts out and blows fire into the air. its scales are shiny and rough looking. the sides of the egg burst and it spreads its wings. the small dragon looks raikuni in the eyes and it glares. screeching loudly. raikuni stumbles back and attempts to take contol of the dragon. at first the dragon doesnt listen and it seems like its going to attack. when raikuni attemts to try again the dragon calms down and rolls in a ball on the ground. falling asleep. there is a thin layer of clear liquid on him. so raikuni cleans him. as he does he thinks of a name.

sudenly as raikuni is thinking and sitting next to the dragon, it bites his hand. raikuni bleeds and cleans the cut. the dragon lays back down and goes to sleep. as raikuni looks at the cut he realizes he has something in his arm. as he tries to get it out the cut heals. raikuni looks at it under his skin and notices its a small sharp tooth. as he studys it he closes his eyes. and the elder dragon speaks again.

do not worry dragonlord, he has given you his mark. making you a suitible master for himself. it means he will now take your commands and serve as your partner in the world. he will help you perish your enemies and help you.

raikuni opens his eyes and stands up. he pets the dragon and comes up with a name.

your name is, chiba.
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the legendary beginning ( closed to all but raikuni )
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